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Monday, 21st June, 2021


This page is for my favourite links to the people I like, and the products I am happy to endorse.
Hey, credit where credit is due!


A good friend of mine, Elliot Burgess, is a former racer in the British Superbike 600cc Supersport class,
and SuperMonos at World Series level. In fact he had a double win at Daytona in 2002.
Now that he is (semi-)retired, he runs trackdays at a fantastic little circuit in France.
[ahem] It just so happens, that I also designed & built this site for Elliot.

Instant Species

"The best little 'ol guitar band in the West (Yorkshire)".
I've had the pleasure of performing and recording with these guys.
Probably best described as Indie/Britpop, their material is high-energy and varied.
Treat yourself, and go and see them sometime. Soon, before they are famous.